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A story of Creation

Zencerely crafted

Herbs and Minerals

Established in 2019, Zencerely Crafted was created with YOU  in mind. After shopping at the local stores for "clean" body products, we noticed that a lot of the body products that claimed to be natural and organic weren't truly natural and organic. Other ingredients were added to the products  such as fragrances, filler oils of corn and soy- just to name a few. These ingredients provide no benefit to your skin. 

Our soaps are made with organic palm, coconut, sunflower, safflower oils.  We use high quality essential oils and plant extracts to create the lovely aroma. NO fragrance oils or products containing fragrances are added.  We also use plant extracts as a preservative.  Herbs, herbal extracts, clay, and mineral compounds are used to create the beautiful colors for our bar soaps.  

Thanks for browsing our products  and supporting our small, veteran and minority owned  business. We absolutely wouldn't be here without you!

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